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Finance Function

Virtual Finance Function – Accounting Services

Virtual Finance Function

Over the last few years, many companies have started to move away from the traditional bricks-and-mortar office view of establishing and growing a successful business. Modern technology and increased connectivity have facilitated this shift, and it has become easier than ever to reach new customers, communicate with colleagues and manage the delivery of services and products.

What hasn’t changed is the complexity of managing your company’s finances. There are great online tools for making certain financial processes much easier and more streamlined, but the kind of overview, knowledge and invaluable experience of a proper finance department remains as important as ever. However, the cost of such a department, even a scaled-down version, can be prohibitive.

This is where our Virtual Finance offering can make all the difference to you and your business. For a fixed monthly cost (based on your company’s size and level of need, from full-service to an annual overview complementing the work of your existing accounting employees), we can provide all the expertise and functions of a full finance department. Not only can we ensure the basic bookkeeping elements are covered, we can provide high-level insight into the current financial health of your business, and the best steps forward to success and growth. We work with you to clarify not only your financial goals for your business, but also how best to manage your money towards those goals.

You’ll be able to focus your energy on the aspects of your business that made you want to establish it in the first place, confident in the knowledge that the financial health of your company is safe in the hands of a highly-qualified ‘virtual’ finance department.

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