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Accounting Pricing

We know Pricing is the first place you’re going to click and, as finance nerds, we’re happy to see you have your eye on the budget.

We will also be totally upfront and say that we know we are not the cheapest, and that you can absolutely find a lower price through one of the many firms that offer a pre-packaged service. However, we’re confident that the level of personal attention and individual advice we provide ultimately offers far more value for money.

We mean it when we say that we tailor packages to each individual client, so the annual cost can vary between £200 to £30,000, depending on exactly what you require. Once we’ve assessed what your accounting needs are, and how we can best add value to you, you will receive a clear, personalised quote.

The cost will depend on the following factors:

  • Complexity of the business
  • Number of people on the payroll
  • Services required on a monthly/weekly/quarterly/annual basis
  • Number of bank accounts
  • Level of transactions
  • Currencies involved
  • Extent of the work done by yourself as the client

As an illustration, prices start at the following levels (as a guideline only)

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